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The Benefits of Rainbow Energy Healing

Some of the healing experiences that may occur during and after a Rainbow Energy Healing session:

  • enhanced awareness of your body's own energy systems and chakras
  • clearing, expanding, and balancing of the chakras
  • increased intuition and psychic communication abilities, including clairvoyant visions of angels and other light beings during the session
  • awareness of dense, heavy, or prickly energy blockages being extracted from the body, usually in areas of the physical body where pain, tension, or disease is perceived
  • warm, tingly, or even hot sensations in the chakras, or in physical areas of the body, sometimes corresponding to the location of physical ailments
  • reduction or elimination of pain felt in the physical body
  • increased energy in the hours and days after the session
  • deepened understanding of your life purpose, your reason for being here now, and the next steps in your purpose
  • significant expanded awareness of your subtle energy bodies and your aura

What Exactly Happens In A Rainbow Energy Healing Session?

Rainbow Energy Healing is administered by a practitioner for a client.  The client relaxes on a healing table and the practitioner follows a specific protocol that activates the Rainbow Energy Healing process.  During the process, the archangels are present and active, helping to release any blocks to the healing process.  The practitioner will move their hands in and around the energy systems and aura of the client during the session.  Occasionally, the practitioner uses hands-on healing at the physical body level.  There is minimal hands-on contact however, as most of the activity occurs in the subtle energy bodies and auric shell surrounding the client (approximately 1 meter radial bubble surrounding the client).​​


"I attended a Rainbow Energy Healing with Kirsten yesterday.  Quite honestly, I wasn’t expecting any significant shifts in my life.  However, I can now add this session to my list of significant spiritual experiences in my life (which is a very short list).  Kirsten was able to deduce and address a number of significant spiritual issues I’ve been going through recently and some issues which have affected me since childhood (and possibly going back further into past life).  I was surprised that she was accurate on everything she perceived and not wrong once.  This is a credit to her intuitive abilities.  Following the session, I can honestly say that I felt a significant shift with issues such as fear in my life and the way I approach life.  I can also say that since the session (and as early as leaving the session) I began to experience what I can only describe as “magical” things starting to happen in my life.  This is a testament to her healing abilities!  I’m very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Kirsten and will do so again.  Thanks Kirsten!"

C.A., Mississauga, ON

"Kirsten, I want to thank you for the Rainbow Energy Healing session. You have helped balance my Life Purpose and solar plexus chakras. Since the session, I have been able to assert myself in situation that would have felt intimidating in the past.  I noticed I was able to stand up and speak my truth in areas that I never thought I could.  I feel like I'm taking action in ways that fulfill my Life Purpose."

Rosemary, Oakville, Ontario

"I feel so blessed to have experienced Rainbow Energy Healing from Kirsten Hodgins!! In our session, she immediately grounded our energy and got us connected. She was able to let me know which Angels are working around me and what they were doing to support me . . . I know the information she was receiving and relaying to me was accurate. I felt loved and supported moving forward with my day and my life purpose. I truly can not thank her enough for the session. I look forward to our next session! If you are looking to feel loved and re-assured that you are not alone and that many angelic beings are with you to help you along your way, I highly recommend booking a session with Kirsten!"

Alahnnaa C.

“Illness is some form of external searching.
Health is inner peace.”
(II.I.5.10-11) A Course In Miracles

​​​​Rainbow Energy Healing

Rainbow Energy Healing reveals important guidance and removes significant blocks relating to life purpose, the ability to hear and receive Divine guidance, the connection and functioning in harmony with others, soul groups, and how to express unique Divine purpose.  Rainbow Energy Healing helps to activate and empower our highest aspirations and life purpose functions. 

Rainbow Energy Healing is a healing technique created by Chris Cuciurean, Medium, Channeler, Spiritual Coach and the founder and facilitator of Angel Guidance and Healing®.  Chris channeled three Archangels in the development of Rainbow Energy Healing; Archangel Michael, Archangel Raziel, and Archangel Metatron.  Rainbow Energy Healing is based on the unique energy of Rainbow Children.  Rainbow Energy Healing uses a combination of colour, light, and archangel guidance to help heal the energy systems of the human body, resulting in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.  Rainbow Energy Healing works with 12 major chakras in the human energy field, including the traditional 7 major chakras, and 5 other higher vibrational chakras including the ear chakras, life purpose chakra, soul purpose chakra. soul group chakra, and rainbow bridge chakra.

A Rainbow Energy Healing Session is similar to receiving other forms of energy healing such as Reiki.  As a client, you lay back and relax on a healing table for the duration of the session.  As the practitioner, I may be guided to convey to you what I experience while administering Rainbow Energy Healing.  I may share the observations, or even convey angelic guidance to you about the session and what exactly is being healed or released.  I may be guided to ask you questions, or help you to release any blocks that will aid the healing process.

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