Kirsten Hodgins

Kirsten Hodgins

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Spiritual Teacher

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Kirsten is available for in-person sessions on SUNDAYS at Circle of Light® 


 Angel Gudance & Healing Telephone Sessions

Receive Angelic guidance, messages from your loved ones, channeled Divine wisdom to help align you with your highest potential to clear emotional blockages, gain clarity and to set positive intentions for positive changes and persona growth.  Enjoy a relaxing and restorative energy healing session and receive all the blessings that Rainbow Energy Healing has to offer You! Check out Kirsten's list of services below. 

Time Slots (telephone):  7:00pm / 8pm / 9pm
Sundays (telephone or in-person):  11:00 am to 4:00 pm

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*** Distant Healing is also available.

Angel Guidance & Healing Session

Rainbow Energy Healing

Integrated Energy Healing

Mediumship Readings

Channeling Session

Tea Leaf Reading

*** All services may be combined. 

To book all in-personal Readings or Energy Healing Sessions, please click HERE
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Psychic Medium, Angel Communicator​