Tel. 905-334-0994

Tel. 905-334-0994

Private One-On-One
Intuitive & Spiritual Development 

Coaching Sessions

FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION:   Book your FREE CONSULTATION today with Kirsten!  A consultation is full of value and provides you with a sense of what Kirsten has to offer you along your spiritual journey and how you may benefit from working with Kirsten. 

One-on-one coaching sessions with Kirsten is an amazing opportunity for you customize your lessons based on your personal needs.  No experience is necessary. 

Receive mentorship support, intuitive guidance and esoteric wisdom.  Throughout your time together, Kirsten will create a sacred, safe place for you to awaken to your Divine team of helpers, unveil and develop your unique abilities, recognize and clear away any fears and blockages around being a psychic as well as strengthening and building your confidence by practicing and useful exercises. 

Kirsten's practical approach comes from years of professional experience and combined teaches she received through years of spiritual study. 

Learn various Divine tools, uncover how you connect with Divine and discover who you truly are as a spiritual being.   

Sessions are offered by sessions or as a package (discounts provided on packages): 

One-On-One Session:
1 hour session: $125
1.5 hour session:  $160
2 hour session:  $210

Package of THREE 1 hour Sessions:  $300 (save $75)

Package of THREE 1.5 hour Sessions:  $400 (save $80)

Package of THREE 2 hour Session:  $500 (save $100)

For more information, please e-mail Kirsten at or complete the registration form below.