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For years Kirsten has provided Divine channeled guidance via e-mail and text messages to her clients, friends, family and loved ones.  

Angels convey loving messages, profound guidance, clarity and support around a situation or concern in your life.  

Simply send Kirsten a brief message containing the situation or one question.  With the help of your Angels, Spirit Guides and deceased loved ones, Kirsten is able to tap in during meditation to view the situation using all of her psychic senses.  She will channel and provide you with all that she sees, hears, feels and knows with the help of your Angels and Spirit Guides who are always with you,

Kirsten is able to communicate with Divine beings of love and light as well as deceased loved ones to provide you with what they most want you to know for your highest and greatest good in regards to the situation.  Messages are loving and bring deeper meaning, clarity and healing.  

FEE:  $115
Based on one question or situation.  Please allow at least 5 business days to receive your channeled e-mail reading from Kirsten.  


Kirsten Hodgins

Kirsten Hodgins

Tel. 905-334-0994