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Kirsten Hodgins

Kirsten Hodgins

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Spiritual Teacher

An Afternoon with Your Angels 

Kirsten will lead you through a guided meditation that can deepen your awareness and personal connection with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.  Join us and experience higher states of vibration, divine love, wisdom and healing energies from Universal Source Energy. 

Kirsten creates a sacred space and intimate group circle for an inward journey of intuitive exploration through guided mediation, followed by channeling divinely guided messages for you personally from your Angels and Spirit Guides.  Receive clarity and understanding in all areas of your life with the help of your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. 

Practice Component:  Guidance may be channeled and shared during the practice segment with a partner as well as amongst the group which provides a supportive practice component for those seeking to develop their Angel Channeling abilities with other like-minded souls in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental group.

*** No experience is necessary.

Join us as we strengthen our intuitive abilities and gain a deeper understanding as to how the Divine connects with us through our senses.  Kirsten will provide loving and helpful channeled messages from the Divine and we will practice channeling, giving & receiving messages in a safe and supportive group circle.

About Kirsten Hodgins

Kirsten is a Psychic Medium, Angel Communicator and Spiritual Teacher. Kirsten’s desire is to support others by holding a space for them to experience an inward journey towards unveiling their true spiritual nature, their natural intuitive abilities to see, hear, feel and know the guidance that is all around us from the Divine beings of love and light.

An Afternoon With Your Angels and Spirit Guides

An Afternoon With Your Angels and Spirit Guides
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