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Kirsten Hodgins

Kirsten Hodgins

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Spiritual Teacher

A voice will answer every question you ask, and a vision will correct the perception of everything you see.  For what you have made invisible is the only truth, and what you have not heard is the only Answer.

 A Course In Miracles

Kirsten is a psychic medium, Angel communicator, channeler and spiritual teacher. Her passion is to help others to heal by connecting them to their higher-self through Rainbow Energy Healing sessions, Integrated Energy Therapy® sessions as well as through her role as an Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner.  Her path in this life as a lightworker has brought her an incredible sense of joy and appreciation, a connection with others on a deeply spiritual level, and a desire to share these wonderful healing modalities with the world.

In more recent years, Kirsten has discovered her natural ability to read and decipher messages through the art of Tea Leaf Reading.  Readings bring healing, meaningful messages and new insights into one’s past, present and future.  Depending on the dynamic that occurs during the course of a session, Kirsten may combine readings with Angel Guidance and Healing to convey messages of inspiration and insight.  Each session allows you to explore any issues you wish to examine with the help of your angels and spirit guides, which may also bring guidance, healing and support from archangels, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, or Spirit.

Kirsten is trained and certified in Angel Guidance and Healing, Rainbow Energy Healing (Level 3), Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy®, and as a Master in Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki®.  She is also certified in Mediumship and practices Pranic Energy Healing,  Axiatonal Re-Alignment, Channeling, and Tasseomancy (the art of tea leaf reading), and Life Coaching.

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